18 great robot lawn mower garage ideas

18 Great Robot Lawn Mower Garage Ideas

Why on earth would you need a robot lawn mower garage?

I know they look really awesome, and there are some great designs that you can buy or build, but they do also serve a practical use.

Firstly, they protect your robot lawn mower from adverse weather conditions and sunlight while it is in the charging station.

Secondly, they can be a great garden feature to either disguise your robot lawn mower from view, or to highlight it’s presence in a variety of ways.

From the look of some of the robot lawn mower garage designs that I have seen, the only limits are imagination and technical skills. Number 15 in this list blew me away. I only wish I had the technical skills to match some of these great creations.

Almost all robot lawn mowers are fully waterproof and suitable for use outdoors in virtually all weather. However, they spend a lot of their time in their docking station, either charging or waiting until the next scheduled work session, rather than cutting your lawn.

Even if your lawnmower is set to run seven days per week, it is unlikely to spend more than 5 to 6 hours cutting your lawn per day.  When I set my robot lawn mower to run 7 days per week, it starts mowing at 7 a.m. and does a maximum of 10 hours of work per day. This is split roughly 40% charging and 60% cutting. This means that it spends about 18 hours every day sitting in its charging station.

A robot lawn mower garage will help the robot mower to be shielded from adverse weather and ultraviolet light while it is in it’s charging station. This is likely to result in the robot lawn mower lasting longer.

Shielding from the heat of the sun may also help your batteries to last longer, which will save you money in the longer term, as you will have to replace the battery less frequently. Some designs also look really well, and can add a bit of character to a garden.

There are quite a number of robot lawn mower garages available to purchase from a variety of sources. There are also a lot of examples of people who have made a robot lawn mower garage into a DIY project. I have taken a look at a range of robot lawn mower garages below.

I have some examples of commonly available enclosures, but I have put greater emphasis on the more unusual and unique designs. Read on to get some inspiration and find out whether a garage for your robot lawn mower is something that you want to consider.

1. Basic Manufacturer Garage

Most manufacturers produce garages or covers for their robot lawn mower models. Generally, they are functional and look professional, rather than anything too exciting or unique. They also tend to be quite expensive, for what is quite a basic design. I think this example from Husqvarna looks well, in an understated way. It’s certainly not going to detract from the look of your garden and will protect your mower from rain and sun.


2. Mowhouse Robot Lawnmower Garage

This aluminium robot lawn mower garage would look well in a contemporary or modern setting. It is great for keeping the mower dry and looks pretty stylish in a minimalist kind of way. This is actually the garage that I use for my own robot lawn mower. It’s not the cheapest, but it looks well and is built to last. It keeps my robot lawnmower out of direct sunlight and protects it from the elements.   

Mowhouse robot lawn mower garage

3. Disguised Under-Lawn Robot Mower Garage

This has got to be one of the most unique robot lawn mower designs that I have seen. It was actually made by the team at Husqvarna, one of the largest robot lawn mower manufacturers. I would absolutely love to have something like this in my garden as it is so unique and interesting. I think this would be a very challenging project, but the end result would be well worth it.


4. Home Made House

This is such a great idea for a robot lawn mower enclosure. It has such character and is great fun. I have two small children and I know that they would love to see our robot lawn mower going in and out an enclosure like this. It’s not clear from the photograph below whether this is a home DIY project, or if this is a toy house that is being used as a robot lawn mower garage. Either way, I think the end result is great.


5. Acrylic Weather Shield

These simple designs for robot lawn lawn mower garages are made by Mower Garage Germany (www.mower-garage.de/). They are at the more affordable end of the spectrum and are quite minimalist and unobtrusive in design. For those people looking to provide functional shelter for their robot lawn mower, without negatively impacting the aesthetics of their garden, these enclosures seem to fit the bill. 


6. Robohut Robotic Lawn Mower Garage

I love the clean and modern design of this wooden robot lawn mower garage from RobohutMade in Switzerland, and built with high-quality materials, this robot lawn mower garage is designed to last. It has an automatic door, which opens using a mechanical mechanism that doesn’t require electricity.

There are a number of customization options, including a choice of colours and doors and even an option to have solar powered LED lights on the front and sides, which look amazing.

You can even have a custom logo or picture printed on the front to personalize your robotic lawn mower garage. This robotic lawn mower garage is delivered as a kit which can be built in as little as 5 minutes. Follow the link to check this robot lawn mower garage out further.


7. DIY Brick Robot Lawn Mower Garage

This homemade, sturdy offering will keep your robot lawn mower safe and protected from the weather all year round. Using the same bricks as the house is a nice idea to make the enclosure blend in. A good sturdy roof will ensure that the robot lawn mower stays dry and there be sufficient protection from direct sunlight. A sturdy enclosure like this is likely to keep the robot lawn mower cool in the heat of the summer and may also provide some insulation in the colder days of autumn and spring.


8. The Simple Wooden Shed

Garden sheds are an ever present feature in gardens. So why not get one for your robot lawn mower to call home. They tend to be very cost effective. You could even make your own, although the ones available online are sufficiently cheap, that it may not be worth your time unless you want to do something quite unique. Again, this design falls into the functional category, rather than being anything too exciting.


9. Rustic Wooden Cabin

This is a great homemade robot lawn mower garage. As you can see, it fits in very well with the existing shed in the garden. It provides a very professional finish and the robot lawnmower is well shielded from any adverse weather conditions. Many of the robot lawnmower enclosures that I have seen are DIY projects, and I can certainly see the appeal of a project like this.


10. Home Made Mower Cave

I love this rustic looking stone cave-like enclosure. It fits in really well with the rest of the garden and provides a lot of character. From many angles of the garden, this enclosure will look like a rock feature in the flower bed, rather than an enclosure for a robot lawn mower. This also looks like a fairly simple construction, and I would imagine that I could have an enclosure like this made in a very short space of time.


11. Matching Mini Garage

This is a really professional effort. The walls and paving match the walls and paving of the house, and I suspect the roof tiles also match. Overall this produces a professional finish that the owner can be really proud of. I think this would get a lot of attention from visitors who would be impressed by the attention to detail of this robot lawn mower garage.


12. Heavy Duty Metal Garage With Retractable Door

This is a commercially available, aluminium robot lawn mower garage. It’s a fairly simple design, but professionally built, and produces an excellent enclosure for your robot lawn mower. Unfortunately, this enclosure is very expensive at £800, which I think is excessive for what it is. Again, I would have concerns about the aluminium construction in hot countries. The issue with hot temperatures, is that it can shorten the life of a lithium ion battery, leading to replacement being required more quickly than if the battery had been used and stored at lower temperatures. However, this robot lawn mower garage will provide excellent protection against rain, wind and ultraviolet light. Follow the link to check this out further.


13. Home Made Flower Planter

This raised planter robot lawn mower garage is a great idea. It disguises your robot lawn mower charging station in a way that enhances your garden in a very traditional way. This planter will provide colour all through the summer and it will be entertaining to watch the robot lawn mower come and go from beneath it. One point to be careful of, is to ensure that the planter is watertight at the bottom. You wouldn’t want soil or water falling through the bottom of the planter unnecessarily as this could result in damage to the robot lawn mower. I would imagine that this robot lawn mower garage could be home-made, or you may be able to find a raised planter that could be modified to accommodate your robot lawn mower below it.


14. Unbelievable Rock Enclosure

This robot lawn mower garage is something a little bit special. It is available to purchase from a company in Germany but the price will put most people off. This enclosure is actually situated in the middle of the grass, so it needs to be set up as an island with the perimeter wire. The retailer selling this provides detailed instructions and diagrams to show you how to set this up and where to lay the wire, so I wouldn’t imagine this would be a difficult installation.  I just think this enclosure look so unique and special. It would provide a lot of entertainment both for you and any visitors to your garden.


15. Robot Lawn Mower Lift

From one amazingly unique robot lawn mower garage to another. This garage actually functions as a lift which lowers the robot lawn mower into a recessed area below the lawn. Once the robot lawn mower has entered the lift and it has descended, the only visible sign of the robot lawn mower is a rectangular piece of artificial grass, which blends in well with the rest of the grass.  

Although this is completely impractical, and very expensive to install, it is an amazing project which is very impressive in this garden. I could only dream of having such a unique garage for my robot lawn mower. Sadly I lack the expertise, time, and finances to install something like this.

16. Scandinavian Inspired Robot Mower Sun Room

Coming back to something a bit more realistic, this wood cabin effect robot lawn mower garage looks smart and would be a great addition to any garden. This is available to purchase directly from the manufacturer as a kit, and the pricing is normally quite reasonable.

This would provide a suitable shelter from the elements for your robot lawn mower at a reasonable cost. I think it would also be fairly durable considering the cost, and would require very little maintenance.


17. Cute Robot Lawn Mower Garage with Character

This is another very professional robot lawn mower garage. It is hard to tell if this is a one-off DIY project or a kit purchased online. However, I have not seen this curved roof design on any other models that I have seen. I love how the colour matches the robot lawn mower, which adds to the professional finish.


18. Awesome Robot Lawn Mower Garage With Automatic Door

I’ve added this one as the video shows the lengths that you can go to to create a professional robot lawn mower garage. I’m not entirely sure how the automatic garage door is activated. It could be a proximity sensor, or it may remain open while the robot lawn mower is cutting the grass and close when the mower passes through a sensor at the entrance to the garage. Either way, this is a really professional effort. Fair enough, your neighbours may start to think you’re getting a bit obsessed, but sure, whats the harm in that.

I hope you’ve enjoyed checking out some of these awesome designs. If you like the look of some of these flashy garages, but are still trying to decide which robot mower to put in it, I have a great guide which explains all you need to know about robot lawn mowers here.

Most of these robot lawn mower garages are at the more ambitious end of the spectrum. I haven’t shown too many of the standard enclosures that are made by the main manufacturers of robot lawn mowers. These are all perfectly satisfactory and will do a great job. There are an increasing number available on Amazon. However, if you want something a bit more unique, that could possibly be your next DIY project, I hope these robot lawn mower garages have provided some inspiration and entertainment.