how much does a robot lawn mower cost

How Much Does A Robot Lawn Mower Cost?

Robot Lawn Mowers For Large Gardens

I have included models which can handle lawns from 1500 m² to 5000 m² (0.4 acres to 1.25 acres). If you have a larger lawn area than this, there are a number of manufacturers that can accommodate you. Ambrogio have an extensive range of robot lawn mowers for larger lawns. For example, the top model from Ambrogio can cut a lawn of up to 30 000 m² (7.5 acres), and costs approximately £20 000.

One of the most striking differences between the models listed below is the cutting time per charge of each model. In particular, it appears that Robomow’s models have a relatively short cutting time, compared to their charge time. However, you have to bear in mind that Robomow’s models have a wider cutting diameter and will generally be able to cut more of your lawn per unit of cutting time.

Robot Lawn Mowers For Large Gardens (1500 m² And Up)

Robot Lawn MowerMaximum Working AreaMaximum InclineCharging TimeMowing TimeApproximate Price
Husqvarna Automower 4202200 m²24 °50 minutes75 minutes£1900
Husqvarna Automower 430X3200 m²24 °50 minutes145 minutes£2400
Husqvarna Automower 450X5000 m²24 °60 minutes270 minutes£3000
John Deere Tango E51800 m²19 °80 minutes90 minutes£2000
Worx Landroid L WG797E.12000 m²20 °120 minutes60 minutes£1700
Robomow RC 312 Pro SX2000 m²20 °70-90 minutes60-70 minutes£1650
Robomow RS Royal RS615 Pro X3000 m²20 °90-110 minutes55-70 minutes£1900
Robomow RS Royal 625 Pro4000 m²20 °90-110 minutes55-70 minutes£2300
Robomow RS Royal 635 Pro SX5000 m²20 °90-110 minutes80-100 minutes£2800
Honda Miimo 30004000 m²25 °45 minutes90 minutes£2550
Ambrogio L85 Elite2200 m²24 °180 minutes180 minutes£2000
Ambrogio L250i Elite S Plus5000 m²24 °180 minutes420 minutes£3000

I hope this has been a useful overview of the robot lawn mower models that are available. I was certainly surprised by the number of models available when I started listing them all down. This article only lists the most basic information about each model, but I hope it provides a starting point for you to research the available options further. Different models and manufacturers have different cutting systems and technology. Some offer smart features, wifi, GPS and remote scheduling. You’ll have to read a bit more and have a think what you want and need your robot lawn mower to do. When you work out the price difference between the models that offer tracking and scheduling of your mower via an app, you’ll have to decide whether this is worth the extra cost compared to models with no smart features.